Monthly Archives: November 2010

Bad or good teacher?

Something happened tonight that keeps me up late into the night. You could say work drama, it pretty much sums it up. Yet what has come into question is whether or not I’m a good teacher. Just the thought of someone questioning my integrity, someone even suggesting that I’m not telling the truth makes me feel terrible. The word terrible doesn’t even come close to how I do feel. Because others might question if I am a good teacher, I start to question if I am a good teacher and if I can really do this. I’m not the kind of teacher who gives answers to her students or plays games with them all the time. I don’t drink with my students and I don’t hang out with them. I go in and teach them English by going over grammar rules, having them speak in class and have them give oral presentations. No, am I not a bad teacher, I’m a good teacher by the grace of God. I do my job well and I live my life as truthfully and honestly as I can. I am staying up late tonight because there is someone who has questioned my authority and integrity without even giving me a chance. I had no chance to speak, no chance to defend myself and now a false reputation could start. All I know is that I stand before God and not others. God is my judge and that’s all I need. I never thought I would have enemies, but apparently I do. Now the lord will be my strength, He will be my guide and He will lead me beside still waters…