Men, men and men…

So many men complain about how complicated women are and how confusing they are. I’m here to say that men are just as confusing! I’m thankful that God has created us to different but just trying to understand the opposite sex is a job in itself. I know why Paul said it is better for a man to serve God by himself. He would be without distractions! I get so distracted by what guys are thinking, and what they may think and ect ect. The amount of time I spent thinking about it I could do so many other things.

Actually that really just hit me pretty hard. The amount of time I spent talking to guys, thinking about what they may be thinking, and trying to figure them out I could be doing so many other things! This is not in my control, only God’s. He will let happen what should happen. He will point me in the right direction and I need to follow that path.

Ok men, you are attractive, alluring and tempting, but I’m off to be more productive with my time!!


About dmsarchet

My name is Danielle Sarchet, I'm 28 years old and live in Lynchburg Virginia. I graduated from Liberty University 4 years ago with a degree in Psychology and now work as a Volunteer Coordinator at Gleaning for the World. Before working at such an amazing organization I taught in South Korea for almost two years, and in Thailand for five months. I have a passion for missions. I have been to Brazil, India, Mexico, Thailand, Cambodia, China and South Korea. Missions will always be a huge part of my life. I love to travel, do photography, write, paint, dream ect! I am a dreamer and see myself doing so many things in the future. Maybe this blog can be my outlet to try to accomplish those dreams! View all posts by dmsarchet

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