Monthly Archives: October 2013

Men are not my world

This year has been such a crazy time for me. A new job that always keeps me on my toes. A fresh divorce that freed me yet was a battle with my self-esteem. A new church of young people in a completely different season of life than me.

I have found myself experimenting in the online dating realm. It made sense at the time but it took over my life. So many winks, smiles and emails that became quite overwhelming.

I just now I realized, wow….men are not my world. It’s easy to make it that way though. I would like to have a special someone right now. Someone to share my day with, flirt with and have a potential for the future. Yet why take that out of God’s hands?

I am a beautiful, smart, amazing woman who loves the Lord and wants to serve Him the rest of her life. I know I will be a good wife, a good mother and woman of God. So why wait on a man to call me for a 2nd date? Why try to hard to impress and show these things when they are true and only time will show someone else?

I was catching myself waiting around for a phone call, a flirty text or to be asked out on a 2nd date when I realized its just not worth my time. I could be focusing on so much more.

So for all those women out there that are lonely. Keep this in mind:

Men are not your world

You are enough

Focus on you and how you can better yourself

Let the right man come along and pursue you because he will

Focus on God because He is all You need, and is the only One who can fill those desires and emptiness in your life


Take care my sister and love on yourself and the Lord!