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My name is Danielle Sarchet, I'm 28 years old and live in Lynchburg Virginia. I graduated from Liberty University 4 years ago with a degree in Psychology and now work as a Volunteer Coordinator at Gleaning for the World. Before working at such an amazing organization I taught in South Korea for almost two years, and in Thailand for five months. I have a passion for missions. I have been to Brazil, India, Mexico, Thailand, Cambodia, China and South Korea. Missions will always be a huge part of my life. I love to travel, do photography, write, paint, dream ect! I am a dreamer and see myself doing so many things in the future. Maybe this blog can be my outlet to try to accomplish those dreams!

Men are not my world

This year has been such a crazy time for me. A new job that always keeps me on my toes. A fresh divorce that freed me yet was a battle with my self-esteem. A new church of young people in a completely different season of life than me.

I have found myself experimenting in the online dating realm. It made sense at the time but it took over my life. So many winks, smiles and emails that became quite overwhelming.

I just now I realized, wow….men are not my world. It’s easy to make it that way though. I would like to have a special someone right now. Someone to share my day with, flirt with and have a potential for the future. Yet why take that out of God’s hands?

I am a beautiful, smart, amazing woman who loves the Lord and wants to serve Him the rest of her life. I know I will be a good wife, a good mother and woman of God. So why wait on a man to call me for a 2nd date? Why try to hard to impress and show these things when they are true and only time will show someone else?

I was catching myself waiting around for a phone call, a flirty text or to be asked out on a 2nd date when I realized its just not worth my time. I could be focusing on so much more.

So for all those women out there that are lonely. Keep this in mind:

Men are not your world

You are enough

Focus on you and how you can better yourself

Let the right man come along and pursue you because he will

Focus on God because He is all You need, and is the only One who can fill those desires and emptiness in your life


Take care my sister and love on yourself and the Lord!



No one likes the feeling of rejection. Even in small ways it can be very painful. Rejection at work. Rejection with friends. Rejection with romantic relationships.

All I know is that pain is good. It shows you are still alive. Its very easy for me to feel pain and to put myself into those situations. I don’t know why I’m attracted to it. I also don’t know why I run away from good things that could happen.

I take one little rejection and completely turn myself in the opposite direction.

Right now, I have work. I have my volunteers. I have my dreams. I have my passion. I have love.

Maybe not the love that I would like to have, but I have God’s love and that needs to be enough and should be enough. Even if my failed human heart doesn’t want it.

Insecurty feeders


I can’t seem to get work out of my mind tonight. I can’t sleep, I keep dreaming of confrontations, gossip and the people causing them. I feel extremely vulnerable now at work. I fee like I’m not doing a good job and there are a few select people who are feeding off of those insecurities.


Why do people do that? Why do Christians act so “un-christian”? It breaks my heart on a selfish end because I don’t want to be treated that way. The other end that breaks my heart is I know that they have nothing better to do with their lives other than to stir up trouble and start rumors.


And yet why am I laying awake because of these insignificant people? Anyone who chooses to devote their life to chastising me, blaming me and zeroing in on my faults is no friend of mine in my personal life or my professional life.


So why am I lying awake?

Why do I care?

Why do I feel defensive?

Why am I worried about my job?

I have my whole life ahead of me

I have great initiative

I have fantastic creativity

I am passionate about serving


And yet I struggle with low self-esteem and what people think of me


I tried to get it out of my head today and it just caught up to me. I can’t sleep. I feel overwhelmed and overloaded. The expectations are great for me. Sometimes I feel like they are too high. There is an extreme lack of understanding on some people’s heads.


There are just some people who could care less about others. Here are some tell tale signs:


  1. They are always talking about themselves and their lives

  2. Nothing is ever their fault

  3. They bash people in front of others excessively


“Dear Lord, I am struggling with this so much tonight. Please be with me tomorrow as I go throughout my workweek. Give me Your peace, Your wisdom, Your grace and Your love that I’m having the hardest time giving. Help me to have Your understanding, Your patience, and Your mercy. I don’t deserve anything in this world, I am a struggling ugly creature who sins all the time. My lack of patience, my lust and my world is so narrow. I hate how I have become. I would even say I hate myself. I want You to work through me, I want to be Your child again. I want Your Holy Spirit to be within me as I go to work. Let Your passion fill me up. Please give me Your desire to do Your will.


Help me deal with people who have it out for me. Help me to not zero in on them but to zero in on You. Help me to not even care so much about my bosses for they don’t have a higher authority in my life compared to You. You are my higher authority and thank You for that.


Strengthen me dear Lord….I am Yours….do what You will in my life…”

“A prudent pers…

“A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.” – Proverbs 22:3

I have been such a fool in so many ways this year and this verse sums it up. I have been the simpleton that blindly goes on and doesn’t worry about the consequences. I would say I was trusting but really it was foolishness of a simpleton. I no longer want to be that woman. I want to be “prudent” who sees the danger signs and walks away no matter how hard it is to walk away.

It is my choice to be prudent

It starts today…

My Choice…

So I made some pretty big desisions today that were a huge deal to me. I realized in making these new boundaries in my life its so nice to have a choice. I have a choice to do what is best for me. I have a choice to do what is best for others. I have a choice to be happy. Sometimes I would just get in this rut of thinking I have to follow, follow and follow when in reality if following is hurting me, I can choose to walk away.

In my case it was hard to walk away, but when I’m not being treated in a healthy way. If I am being disrespected and unloved and used. I can make the choice to walk away. Most of my life people have been treated me very poorly, but I realize I don’t have to let them keep choosing to treat me that way. I can do whatever I put my mind to. And I’m going to start putting my mind to being a successful, healthy woman, and godly woman.

So, today was my choice.

My choice to choose respect

My choice to choose love

My choice to choose honor

My choice to choose success

My choice to choose….and that is it!

2:20 AM

So its one of those nights where you can’t sleep because of a million thoughts going through your head and a thousand feelings hitting you all at once.

Its a night where no one answers your texts as you desperately reach out for human affection.

A night where you just want to be held and know that everything will be ok.

Tears are slowly creeping down my cheek as I wonder if I will ever be loved again or be able to love again. Darkness has crept into my life and left a seemingly impossible stain that refuses to be removed.

I want to be held. I want to be appreciated. I want to be loved.

In so many ways my life is such a success but I can’t seem to find that one person who is willing to share in it with me. I jump in too soon, I cover up my desire for intimacy with carnal lusts. I want to love again and be loved yet not be shit on again.

I don’t regret my past and what the Lord had desired me to go through. I’m just lonely right now and I know that God wants me to seek His face and His intimacy. I know He wants me to rely on Him for my needs and to follow after Him.

Though I would love for my feet to be rubbed right now and my heart to be filled with words of affirmation from a man I respect and admire, I know that now is not that time.

I know appropriate boundaries need to be put in place. I know confessions need to happen. I know focus needs to be centered.

For those who I texted tonight….thank you for not answering for my soul, body and mind might have been saved. My mind will slow down and my heart will find rest in peace.

Tomorrow is a new day and a new start. I will follow what He has laid out before me. I will accomplish much in life. I will do great things for Christ with His power in me.

So 2:30am….you have not won tonight…

Men, men and men…

So many men complain about how complicated women are and how confusing they are. I’m here to say that men are just as confusing! I’m thankful that God has created us to different but just trying to understand the opposite sex is a job in itself. I know why Paul said it is better for a man to serve God by himself. He would be without distractions! I get so distracted by what guys are thinking, and what they may think and ect ect. The amount of time I spent thinking about it I could do so many other things.

Actually that really just hit me pretty hard. The amount of time I spent talking to guys, thinking about what they may be thinking, and trying to figure them out I could be doing so many other things! This is not in my control, only God’s. He will let happen what should happen. He will point me in the right direction and I need to follow that path.

Ok men, you are attractive, alluring and tempting, but I’m off to be more productive with my time!!